Samphire or rock samphireCrithmum maritimum, is the sole species of the genus Crithmum. It is an edible wild plant found on southern and western coasts of Britain and Ireland, on mediterranean and western coasts of Europe including the Canary Islands, North Africa and the Black Sea. The term samphire is used for several unrelated species of coastal plant.
Step 1:
Along with swimming at the one of many beautiful north beaches of Skiathos Island
you can collect the samphire which grows in front rocks.

Step 2:
Clean the samphire a little and wash it in the sink.

Step 3:
Boil water with vinegar in a pot. When it boils, add the samphire into the pot for 1 minute and remove the tip. 
Let the water with vinegar to cool completely.

Step 4:
Put the samphire in jars with a little flower (coarse) salt and cover it with cold water with vinegar.

Step 5:
Garnish your fresh salads with the samphire.
Bon appétit!

All photos by Tomek

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