2 Nominations for COMICDOM AWARDS 2011

This year I have two nominations for COMICDOM Awards 2011.
One for the Best Artist and another one for the Best Cover (HEHE! #1).
Click on images for more details.

Even if you're not in the Academy, you can vote for HEHE! via Comicdom FAN AWARD.



Linguini with grilled Tomatoes and Feta cheese

The recipe I did for  THEY DRAW AND COOK.
Check them for more wonderful designed and delicious recipes!



Poster for 700 MACHINES & TEDDY BOYS

Poster I made for a gig at AN Club Athens in 2004.
A quick sketch I made at some bar to show to the guys from Machines and Teddy Boys 
what I had in my head.
The photo of The Drifters I've used as base for the fiction group on the poster.