TOTEM Synthesis 2009 - The Day After

Here are some photos from the event showing my characters through the event. For more photos, visit the CHARACTER Synthesis site HERE! Great job Maria!
I've enjoy the "live performance" with pen tablet and the result you can see in the second photo.
Had a great time and thanks all the people I've met there.
The TOTEM Project finished in Technopolis, but it will be continue on web.


Athens Digital Week 2009 - TOTEM Character Synthesis

CHARACTER SYNTHESIS exhibition is coming through the ATHENS DIGITAL WEEK at Technopolis Gazi 14-18 October 2009 at Technopolis Gazi 14-18 October 2009.
TOTEM project could you watch in Fournoi as part of Visual Arts.
Be there!!!

The THING #11 (1995) - My First Comic

Since Today I start upload my Blog with my older comic project called "21st CENTURY #@!*% BOY". I was making it for alternative music fanzine "The THING" between 1995 - 1999 and it was my first ever serious comic.
The comic above published in issue #11 and inside you can find also a interview I gave to fanzine's publisher Dimitris "Jimbo" KATSOULAKOS (Hi Dimitris!).
In that first story, I didn't know what exactly to do, but I wanted simply to do something, anything. I didn't care what! Hope you enjoy it and maybe some people could remember "The THING" years.
Stay tuned, soon coming the issue#12 with the second story.