KOURAFELKYTHRA #200 Special Guest

Last week Antonis Vavagiannis (Vamvax) invited me as a guest to celebrate the unbelievable number #200 of his web comic strip "KOURAFELKYTHRA". I made this crazy story above (sorry but it's impossible to translate this).
You can follow all stories on COMICDOM Press (Greek) or the English version as "BULDERDUCK ...it's not even a word!"



On Saturday December 17 the JEMMA Press and KOULOURI arrived to Thessaloniki.
The presentation took place at evening in La DOZE Bar. Many people came to listen the conversation, we signed our comics and we drank several beers and wines. We had a great time!

Το line up της παρουσίασης (από αριτερά): Χρήστος Σταμπουλής μίλησε για το ΚΡΑΚ ΚΟΜΙΚΣ, η Αγιάτη Μπενάρδου ανέλαβε το ΠΤΩΜΑ, ο Τάσος Ζαφειριάδης ξετίναξε από το σουσάμι το ΚΟΥΛΟΥΡΙ και η Γκέλη Μαδεμλή ολοκλήρωσε με το ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΥΤΟ ΠΟΥ ΝΟΜΙΖΕΙΣ. Ο εκδότης Λευτέρης Σταυριανός ήπιε πολλά νερά για να μην ληποθυμίσει με αυτά που άκουγε... Ακολούθησε πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα συζήτηση με το κοινό. Τους ευχαριστούμε ΟΛΟΥΣ! 

Morning coffee in the old town with fellas from The Very Closed Circle on Sunday.

Αυτό είναι το τρομερό βιβλιοπωλείο "Το ΚΕΝΤΡΙ" που συναντήσαμε στο δρόμο. Βρίσκεται εκεί από το 1982, βγαλμένο από άλλες, όμορφες εποχές, με άποψη και έχει όλες τις εκδόσεις της JEMMA Press και τα κόμικς της. Βρίσκεται στον κεντρικό και πολυσύχναστο πεζόδρομο Δ. Γούναρη απέναντι ακριβώς από τα αρχαία.

Περισσότερα σχετικά με το COMICS OVER SALONIKA θα βρείτε στα blog "Krak Komiks" του Tasmar και "Don't Ever Read Me" της Αγιάτης.


Illustration for ATHENS VOICE

The full-spread illustration I made for special edition of ATHENS VOICE Xmas Guide 2011.
The issue was out on Thursday December 22 and you can check it also on Issuu.


Report: HORROR WEEKEND - Sunday

And finally on Sunday December 12, I was presented my work in Panorama Design which took place at Benaki Museum in Athens. Specifically I developed the concept and the whole process of the logo and poster I made for BE THERE! Corfu Animation Festival.

I'm glad that I participated in this event and I had the opportunity to share some things and experiences with the amazing audience. Also a big thanks to Dimitris Fakinos by +Design Magazine for the invitation.
For more photos, check the Panorama Design on Flickr.


Report: HORROR WEEKEND - Saturday

On Saturday December 10 I took part in the discussion "Literature and Comics" at the 1st Festival for Young Authors which organized by The National Book Center of Greece (E.KE.BI) in collaboration with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens. Also (from left) Lyda Tsene (coordinator), Petros Christoulias, Vasilia Vaxevani and Yannis Palavos participated in the discussion.

For all weekend at the festival, the people could see the comic strips slideshow by our team "THE VERY CLOSED CIRCLE"


Report: HORROR WEEKEND - Friday

Click on the GIF image below to see the process. 

Last Friday we made a graffiti with Tasmar (simply destroying the wall) at the inauguration of the new JEMMA Books & Comics store at Piraeus. It took us about seven hours to finish this unique baroque masterpiece and we felt it very well in our waist. But we had a great time and we saw many friends who passed to say hello. We thank them all!

Photos 2 and 3 by Sophia Kyrisoglou



...ή αλλιώς, που θα μπορείτε να με βρείτε αυτό το Σαββατοκύριακο.
...or where can you find me this weekend. 

Sunday 11 Dec - PANORAMA DESIGN 2011


TASMAR vs TOMEK Graffiti Battle!!!

Bodies will fall (from ladders) and the floor will be filled with red ...plastic paint!
We'll destroy the JEMMA's wall with TASMAR!


The MONGRELETTES Debut 7" Poster

The poster I made for the upcoming gig of all girls (almost) band The MONGRELETTES and their debut 7" single "Mon Mec à Moi" by Fuzz Overdose Records. For more information check the event page here! 


#TVCC article in "K" Kathimerini

A mini tribute to our blog The Very Closed Circle in "K" Kathimerini, Sunday, November 27, 2011. Unfortunately only in Greek...
But don't forget to watch the blog #TVCC with daily, four frame strips. English translation incudes! 
Also follow us on Facebook.



The THING #16 (1996) - 6th Story

So, back to 90's again! The 6th story of "21st Century #@!*% Boy" from the 16th issue of the music fanzine "The THING".  In this story, the hero lives in a dream and he's watching "The THING" turned into a popular, well known and mainstream magazine. He comes across with known groups of that era as SMASHING BANANAS, PEARL HONEY and GREEN COLD FRIED TOMATOES. Apart of all these he also dreams about big money, but he'll discover it will stay... a dream.



FUZZ OVERDOSE Records store at Exarcheia Athens with the owner Chris. 

The showcase with two 7" covers I made for The TEDDY BOYS From The CRYPT.

Inside the shop with the FUZZ OVERDOSE Records logo created by Darren Merinuk!

The wall full of posters!
If you like Psyche Garage Punk tunes and not only, FUZZ OVERDOSE is your medicine...!



The english version of "THE art DAILY", the strip I did last week for The Very Closed Circle (#TVCC) blog.


Flight from ATHENS to SKIATHOS Island and Back...

Flight 068 Landing at SKIATHOS Airport

Flight 069 Take-Off from SKIATHOS Airport

Above of Euboea [Évia]

North Euboea

Skiathos Island with Pelion in background.

Chalkida (Chalcis), chief town of the island of Euboea.

Traffic outside of the Salamina Island.

Aegina island coast.

Angistri island and Peloponnese in the background.

Poros island, Peloponnese in the middle and Hydra island in the background.

Landing at ATHENS Airport...


45 BANDS 50x70 vol.2 Rock Poster Exhibition

Posters from 45 Greek bands and solo artists printed on the emblematic dimension of 50x70 cm. Famous groups, newcomers or wannabes - silkscreens, offset or digital prints - from awarded graphic designers, small studios or do it yourself.

The result forms a rare collection of images from live performances that create the imagery of the modern Greek music scene. The show is an attempt to collect and exhibit the creative identities of various bands from different music genres in one space simultaneously. 

The concept? Music bands that experiment with their image either through do it yourself posters or through collaborations with artists and design studios, therefore creating a unique relationship with their fans.

To the everlasting question “Why do I judge an album by its cover?” our answer is: There is a reason

During the exhibition opening there will be live performances by Kid Flicks and Film and an OKTANA party with dj’s by the legendary Exarchia club.

I'm participating with 4 posters I did for The 700 Machines and The Teddy Boys From The Crypt. Above is the page from ATHENS Voice with my poster for The 700 Machines.

Where?:  The HUB (Alkminis 5 - Petralona - Metro station, Kerameikos)
When?: October 14 - November 12 2011
Opening day?: Friday 14 October 2011 - 20:00




A comic-strip I made for #TVCC (The Very Closed Circle).