KNIFER - Lifo & Exhibition

The photos are from the insert in Lifo free press 21.10.2010 issue 221 and from the exhibition at Attikon and Apollo cinemas. More information and links you will find in my previous posts here.


CHESTER BROWN - I Never Liked You (Greek Edition)

Yesterday I've been at presentation for greek edition of CHESTER BROWN's "I Never Liked You" by Kormoranos/Inkpress. A beautiful edition of great comic artist and the guys from Kormoranos have make really awesome work. The cover, the lettering... everything's in high level as much close to original. The event took place at Vinyl Microstore and lot of people were there to support the book.



13 illustrators and comic artists inspired by the film of Yannis Economides "KNIFER" presents their works in the exhibition at Attikon and Apollon cinemas in Athens. The exhibition is a part of 23th Panorama of European Cinema and also you can see all the works in today's issue of LIFO.



On Sunday 17.10.2010 came out the comic I made for BHMagazino 10th anniversary issue which is a tribute to the year 2020. Me and other four creative teams, we presented our works and thoughts on how we imagine the future ten years after. 


Walking in ATHENS. And then...

This is an excerpt from the one page story I did for 10th anniversary issue of BHMAgazino which will be released on Sunday, October 17. Don't miss it... ;)