HEHE! #1 is ready to print!

Great news from printing-house! I have just received news from t-drom, that all the files are OK and the printing process is starting. Until you see the finished issue, I'll post several artwork from it and you can also learn the news about HEHE! #1 in Gigantoblog.
Here is the cover I made for the issue and two rough drawings for this cover.


"At The Drive Ink" - Heavy Liquid Strip Theater

Here is a frame from the four page story "Get Out!" I did for The Last Drive's "At The Drive Ink" and then present the process of creation of the frame. More you can read in the info below and even better to read the album.
Awesome publishing for a legendary band!

Info: At The Drive-Ink. Heavy Liquid Strip Theater Anthology
An art and comic anthology inspired by "Heavy Liquid", the latest LP of the legendary Greek rock band The Last Drive.
With art and stories from some of Greece's best contemporary artists, comic creators & illustrators.
22 comic stories,140 pages in full color and stereo sound.

Contributors: Diamantis Aidinis, George Alahouzos, Ermis Atzemoglou, John Bardakos, Aggelos Bolotos, Nick Christolis, Con, Michael Dialynas, Tolis Giovanitis, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Yiannis Kranis, Harry Lagoussis, Vasilis Lolos, Tasos Maragkos, Nick Pop Mind, George Nikas, Norjin, P.E.P.P., Panagiotis Pantazis, Alecos Papadatos, Tassos Papaioannou, Nikos Petropouleas, Stefanos Rokos, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Yiannis Stilos, Super Katerina Sugar Line Productions, Taxis, Tomek, George Tragakis, Yannis Tsitsonis, Spyros Verykios, Lazaros Zikos.
You can see samples and artwork from the creators here.

You can buy your copy at Tilt Comics, Asklipiou 37, 10680 Athens or from the oficial Last Drive web-store on April Fool's Day 2010.


Finished INK for two stories.

I've just finish inking two stories for new HEHE!
But I'm still been under pressure... Run Tomek, Run!



HEHE! #1 preparation!

These days we are together with JB, in the process of creating the material for the next issue of HEHE! The pencils and markers have taken fire and run to catch the Comicdom 2010, where the issue will be publicated and presented by Giganto. It's too early for final statements, but have you informed on any new. Stay tuned!!!