#TVCC review in COMICDOM.gr

A nice and ...happy review about our blog 'The Very Closed Circle' by Vasileia Vaksevani was posted in Comicdom.gr . Unfortunately it is only in greek, but #TVCC include english translation. Ha! Check it, it's really strange...


An entry for my website

This is an entry I created to advertise my brand new site then, www.tomek.gr.
I made it specially for the catalogue of Comicdom Con Athens 2010.


The THING #15 (1996) - 5th Story

In 1996 the issue #15 came out with the 5th story of "21st Century #@!*% Boy" in it. You can also see the small icon I made for the records review column called "Diskbutcher". 


KNIFER - Lifo & Exhibition

The photos are from the insert in Lifo free press 21.10.2010 issue 221 and from the exhibition at Attikon and Apollo cinemas. More information and links you will find in my previous posts here.


CHESTER BROWN - I Never Liked You (Greek Edition)

Yesterday I've been at presentation for greek edition of CHESTER BROWN's "I Never Liked You" by Kormoranos/Inkpress. A beautiful edition of great comic artist and the guys from Kormoranos have make really awesome work. The cover, the lettering... everything's in high level as much close to original. The event took place at Vinyl Microstore and lot of people were there to support the book.



13 illustrators and comic artists inspired by the film of Yannis Economides "KNIFER" presents their works in the exhibition at Attikon and Apollon cinemas in Athens. The exhibition is a part of 23th Panorama of European Cinema and also you can see all the works in today's issue of LIFO.



On Sunday 17.10.2010 came out the comic I made for BHMagazino 10th anniversary issue which is a tribute to the year 2020. Me and other four creative teams, we presented our works and thoughts on how we imagine the future ten years after. 


Walking in ATHENS. And then...

This is an excerpt from the one page story I did for 10th anniversary issue of BHMAgazino which will be released on Sunday, October 17. Don't miss it... ;)


The THING #14 (1995) - 4th Story

The fourth episode came in issue #14 of "The Thing" in 1995. In this story I played a game with the T-shirts which I collected like a maniac in those times. We had also another story (Christmas this time) for "The Thing in Action".
But the big thing in this issue was the release of the first CD "The Thing from another World Vol.1" which contained a collection of the best Greek alternative bands like The Last Drive,  Rockin' Bones, Make Believe, Deus X Machina, Oh! My Garden and my friends Surface and Ache In SilenceMore information can be found here and in the amazing site about Greek fanzines Fanzinesnet!
Jimbo of course, didn't wait to ask me to do the cover for this collection and I made these 18 creatures from another world, one for each band. 
All look at the slimy ... brain!


The VERY CLOSED CIRCLE - New Blog on the Block!


There is no need to say too much about this blog, only one thing:
To join this VERY CLOSED CIRCLE is very very difficult. Only in your dreams, I think.
But to enjoy it, is ridiculously easy.


SOAP OPERA preview

This is a sample frame of my new six-page story called "Soap Opera" which will be published very soon. I will not say more details for now, but stay tuned here and the Tasmar's "Krakblog". Something will happen out there ...


ZINIOL #9 - A tribute to the Greek comics

A pleasant surprise comes from Poland!
In October it released the 9th issue of the alternative comics magazine ZINIOL which is dedicated to the Greek comics. Involving several comic artists such as: Tasos Maragos, Tasos Zafeiriadis, John Bardakos, Alexia Othoneou, Spyros Derveniotis, Michael Dialynas, George Melissaropoulos, Petros Xristoulias, Manos Lakgouverdos, Ilias Kyriazis and possibly others.
I will participate with my stories "ΦATSA" and "The Most Stupid Hits In My Life (World) Ever" in which ZINIOL had reference in the third promo for the issue and this is my first appearance in the Polish magazine ever. At last I will see my work printed in the country I was born. Cool!
Unfortunately ZINIOL released only in Polish language, but worth a look and get a taste of the remarkable Polish comics scene.
I would like to say a big THANKS! to ZINIOL and Bartek Kuczyński, who is responsible for this move.


Last April...

I had a great time in last April which was full of various facts and events.
The first one was the publishing of HEHE! by the Giganto Books and it presented at Comicdom Con Athens 2010. Also I did the illustrations for the site of Comicdom Awards and I designed also the statuette for them.
That weekend I received two merits at EGBE 2010 Awards for illustrations of "Comicdom Awards" and "The 700 Machines".
I posted here some photos from those events. For more details you could check my previous posts and the links above.

Giganto Book's booth (Tasos, Tasmar and me) 

Comicdom Awards 2010...

...and the prize

EBGE Awards 2010


The THING #13 (1995) - Third Story

It was 1995 and the third part of the "21st Century #@!*% Boy" released. I tried to find a direction for the story and I couldn't find something good. Then I decided to do something meaningless, something like "Take it or Leave it". The years of "revolution". Haha...
"The Thing in Action!" was a game we played with Dimitris (publisher), we used to exchange various ideas about the hand from the logo and giving him some super powers. To fight bad music of course ;)


Boring PPM

Sometimes the Pre Production Meetings seem endless and very boring. At such moments I appreciate so much the blocks and the pencils which they leave in the table front of me... Few days ago I'd dig in tons of papers and I found this drawing above which I made six years ago during one... Boring PPM.


AKIRA - Kaneda & Tetsuo figurines

Last week I received finally the classic statues of Kaneda and Tetsuo. Beautiful package, amazing details and this mythical breeze around them. One of the best figurines ever made. It was little bit difficult to find them because they were almost out of stock.
I'm not a crazy fan of AKIRA, but I really love it. I still remember the smack on my face when I saw the movie for the first time very very long time ago. Later I read this manga in comic book, the second smack came quickly and I appreciated it more and more. What incredible story from Katsuhiro Otomo!


My Business Cards

These are my business cards I received few days ago.
On back I kept my personal data and for the front I did four different variants. Here I've put up on my fridge with the sushi magnets. 
Sushi is the best!!!  

HEHE! #1 Promotion Prints

Here is the photo with extra print materials to promote the issue, the traditional "The Worst Micky ...MAO in Town!!!" poster, flyers and cards. All these can be found at the stand of Gigantobooks on the ground floor at Comicdom Con Athens 2010 - 16, 17 & 18 April.
You must be there!


HEHE! #1 Flyer

We're ready for Comicdom Con and the flyers will be ready to fly from hand to hand.


HEHE! #1 is ready to print!

Great news from printing-house! I have just received news from t-drom, that all the files are OK and the printing process is starting. Until you see the finished issue, I'll post several artwork from it and you can also learn the news about HEHE! #1 in Gigantoblog.
Here is the cover I made for the issue and two rough drawings for this cover.


"At The Drive Ink" - Heavy Liquid Strip Theater

Here is a frame from the four page story "Get Out!" I did for The Last Drive's "At The Drive Ink" and then present the process of creation of the frame. More you can read in the info below and even better to read the album.
Awesome publishing for a legendary band!

Info: At The Drive-Ink. Heavy Liquid Strip Theater Anthology
An art and comic anthology inspired by "Heavy Liquid", the latest LP of the legendary Greek rock band The Last Drive.
With art and stories from some of Greece's best contemporary artists, comic creators & illustrators.
22 comic stories,140 pages in full color and stereo sound.

Contributors: Diamantis Aidinis, George Alahouzos, Ermis Atzemoglou, John Bardakos, Aggelos Bolotos, Nick Christolis, Con, Michael Dialynas, Tolis Giovanitis, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Yiannis Kranis, Harry Lagoussis, Vasilis Lolos, Tasos Maragkos, Nick Pop Mind, George Nikas, Norjin, P.E.P.P., Panagiotis Pantazis, Alecos Papadatos, Tassos Papaioannou, Nikos Petropouleas, Stefanos Rokos, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Yiannis Stilos, Super Katerina Sugar Line Productions, Taxis, Tomek, George Tragakis, Yannis Tsitsonis, Spyros Verykios, Lazaros Zikos.
You can see samples and artwork from the creators here.

You can buy your copy at Tilt Comics, Asklipiou 37, 10680 Athens or from the oficial Last Drive web-store on April Fool's Day 2010.


Finished INK for two stories.

I've just finish inking two stories for new HEHE!
But I'm still been under pressure... Run Tomek, Run!