Last April...

I had a great time in last April which was full of various facts and events.
The first one was the publishing of HEHE! by the Giganto Books and it presented at Comicdom Con Athens 2010. Also I did the illustrations for the site of Comicdom Awards and I designed also the statuette for them.
That weekend I received two merits at EGBE 2010 Awards for illustrations of "Comicdom Awards" and "The 700 Machines".
I posted here some photos from those events. For more details you could check my previous posts and the links above.

Giganto Book's booth (Tasos, Tasmar and me) 

Comicdom Awards 2010...

...and the prize

EBGE Awards 2010


The THING #13 (1995) - Third Story

It was 1995 and the third part of the "21st Century #@!*% Boy" released. I tried to find a direction for the story and I couldn't find something good. Then I decided to do something meaningless, something like "Take it or Leave it". The years of "revolution". Haha...
"The Thing in Action!" was a game we played with Dimitris (publisher), we used to exchange various ideas about the hand from the logo and giving him some super powers. To fight bad music of course ;)


Boring PPM

Sometimes the Pre Production Meetings seem endless and very boring. At such moments I appreciate so much the blocks and the pencils which they leave in the table front of me... Few days ago I'd dig in tons of papers and I found this drawing above which I made six years ago during one... Boring PPM.


AKIRA - Kaneda & Tetsuo figurines

Last week I received finally the classic statues of Kaneda and Tetsuo. Beautiful package, amazing details and this mythical breeze around them. One of the best figurines ever made. It was little bit difficult to find them because they were almost out of stock.
I'm not a crazy fan of AKIRA, but I really love it. I still remember the smack on my face when I saw the movie for the first time very very long time ago. Later I read this manga in comic book, the second smack came quickly and I appreciated it more and more. What incredible story from Katsuhiro Otomo!