This year at Comicdom Con Athens 2011 you can find at the booth of  Giganto Books all issues of HEHE! 
HEHE! #1 by Giganto Books (3€) + the fanzine editions #1 (2€) and #2 (3€).
For all three issues pack will be a special offer 6€


KOULOURI #1 - Tease 3

Three frames from the three different stories of "The Most Stupid Hits in My Life Ever" 
which will appear in the upcoming "KOULOURI #1" by JEMMA PRESS.

Rigatoni with Figs and Curry

Another recipe I made for They Draw And Cook site.
1st Place Fresh Figs Winner between 140 artists over the world in the Fig Recipe Contest sponsored by the California Fig Advisory Board



KOULOURI #1 - Tease 2

- Ouf! Awesome!
- Good eh? Imagine how difficult it was to do this for eight pages. 
  At one point I thought I would blow up.

Another two frames from the upcoming KOULOURI #1 by JEMMA PRESS.


KOULOURI #1 - Tease 1

- You two!!! I've told you a hundred times, when they say that the brain is the most 
   perfect computer ever created, they speaks in METAPHORS!!!...

This is a frame from my upcoming comics KOULOURI which will be released at COMICDOM CON Athens 2011 by JEMMA PRESS. Stay tuned, more details coming soon.