The Comicdom Con Athens 2011 is over. I had a great time and I'm already waiting for the next one. I saw there many friends and I talked with lot of people. Below I've post few photos from the event.

Here is my highlight of the weekend. Quick lunch break before signing with David Prudhomme (Rébétiko) and Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan, Acme Novelty) who was stop for a while at our table for an interesting chat.

With my good friend Tasmar while we're signing for KOULOURI and KRAK Komiks.

Signing KOULOURI! (Photos by Tereza Zegkinoglou

For more information and photos I suggest you visit the official reports of Comicdom Con (Day1, Day2 and Day3), as well as the lovely blog of Frogs & Dogs and the Funny Photo Session by Tasmar.

See you NEXT YEAR!

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