Fooling Around The SKIATHOS Island!

I did this illustrated map of SKIATHOS island for the website THEY DRAW & TRAVEL
It participated in the Marvelous Map Contest and was chosen by the judges as Totally Hillarious Map in this contest. You should check this wonderful site founded by Salli Swindell and Nate Padavick of Studio SSS
Check also the official website of SKIATHOS Island.


  1. Thanks Ted.
    I enjoyed your blog too.

  2. TOMEK!!! you are the best! This map seriously makes me wanna get my greek rosetta stone going...I sit here in my studio listening to greek music all the time.

  3. Hey, you become greek...
    Be careful! Greek seas and islands are very dangerous... if you come once, they will keep you forever. Hahaha!
    Thank you Salli!