ZINIOL #9 - A tribute to the Greek comics

A pleasant surprise comes from Poland!
In October it released the 9th issue of the alternative comics magazine ZINIOL which is dedicated to the Greek comics. Involving several comic artists such as: Tasos Maragos, Tasos Zafeiriadis, John Bardakos, Alexia Othoneou, Spyros Derveniotis, Michael Dialynas, George Melissaropoulos, Petros Xristoulias, Manos Lakgouverdos, Ilias Kyriazis and possibly others.
I will participate with my stories "ΦATSA" and "The Most Stupid Hits In My Life (World) Ever" in which ZINIOL had reference in the third promo for the issue and this is my first appearance in the Polish magazine ever. At last I will see my work printed in the country I was born. Cool!
Unfortunately ZINIOL released only in Polish language, but worth a look and get a taste of the remarkable Polish comics scene.
I would like to say a big THANKS! to ZINIOL and Bartek Kuczyński, who is responsible for this move.

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