AKIRA - Kaneda & Tetsuo figurines

Last week I received finally the classic statues of Kaneda and Tetsuo. Beautiful package, amazing details and this mythical breeze around them. One of the best figurines ever made. It was little bit difficult to find them because they were almost out of stock.
I'm not a crazy fan of AKIRA, but I really love it. I still remember the smack on my face when I saw the movie for the first time very very long time ago. Later I read this manga in comic book, the second smack came quickly and I appreciated it more and more. What incredible story from Katsuhiro Otomo!


  1. TMy favorite thing about the Akira movie is that giant blob at the end :)

  2. @Elli - ...kai skeftomouna otan ekana to post, tha to dei i pio "mangaka" in Greece? Kai telika tsibise... haha! Konichiwa!

    @Justin - Yesterday I saw again that scene with Tetsuo giant blob and it's impressive. Beautiful animation!